The DRAMA TIME program is especially designed to serve two basic functions:

  • Develop acting and performance skills
  • Develop life skills

The DRAMA TIME program is structured to achieve results in three main areas:

  • Nurture and enhance creativity through imagination, resourcefulness and self-confidence
  • Develop and encourage group awareness, and an ability to adapt and work in a group
  • Gain life skills in the areas of presentation, communication, voice production and public speaking.




Kinder Kids - ELC to Kinder

The KINDER KIDS program has been especially developed for 4-5 year olds and focuses on introducing kindergarten aged children to the fabulous benefits that creative drama brings.

The program focuses on developing creativity, self-confidence, group awareness and communication skills and of course, are great fun!

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Little Kids - Prep to Grade 2

The LITTLE KIDS program focuses on building life skills through the introduction of drama to their learning.

The drama activities in the LITTLE KIDS program are especially designed to nurture children’s creativity and imaginations, whilst at the same time enhancing and developing important skills including self-confidence, self-esteem, group awareness and communication.

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Big Kids - Grades 3 to 6

The BIG KIDS program focuses on the development and enhancement of the children’s creative skills. These activities have been designed to encourage and stimulate the children’s natural tendencies to play and explore.

The program has been especially structured so that whilst developing creativity and imagination, students also build vital life skills including resourcefulness, self-esteem, team building, presentation and public speaking.

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