Brighton Primary School

“We get to do lots of fun stuff. I play with my best friend Esme and I get to be Super Brush. I can’t wait until the big show.”


Elwood Primary School

“It’s the best thing to do at lunchtime in the world! I love it!”


Melbourne Grammar School

“Drama Time is fun because you can act out things like nursery rhymes and fairy tales. I like acting in front of the class with a friend. It’s a great activity and I love it.”


Brighton Primary School

“Mum, is it Tuesday today? I hope so because Tuesday is Drama Time day.”



Carnegie Primary School

"Thanks for running such a great program, Milly has absolutely loved it and is very excited every Monday when she knows she gets to do her Drama Time class. It has given her such great confidence over the last couple of years."


Brighton Beach Primary School

“Dear Drama Time - my daughter LOVES drama because of your work with her. She has developed great confidence through acting activities. Her favourite day of the week is Tuesday because of Drama Time!”


St. Finbar’s Primary School

“Julia has just commenced classes at Drama Time and is thoroughly enjoying it. She loves the imagination involved in the role playing and acting, I can see it has helped her build confidence within herself when performing in front of others.”


Carnegie Primary

“Thank you so much for having Saskia. She talks about Drama Time constantly and just loves it. I love hearing about the wonderfully creative things she does in that class. Thanks again.”


Elwood Primary School

“Stella is really enjoying Drama Time, she talks about it all the time. We are really looking forward to the performance. Thanks so much!”


Brighton Primary School

“Ella loves going to Drama Time. She often says it is one of the most favourite things she does at school.”


St Finbar’s Primary School

“Danielle – aged 9 – Loves it. She is excited on the morning of and equally lifted after! Thank You Drama Time – the teacher is brilliant!”


Elwood Primary School

“Drama Time has helped my son find self-confidence and enabled him to interact with people without feeling shy. I never expected the positives to happen so soon.”


Dianne Davis

Principal - Melbourne Montessori School

“The students at Melbourne Montessori School have gained enormously from the very professional interactions with the Drama Time staff. I was DELIGHTED with the standard of the performance and with the energy level of the children at our concert. It was obvious they were having a ball! I could not be happier with the work you are doing at our school”.



Demos Diplaris

Acting Assistant Principal - Elsternwick Primary School

“Drama Time has been a highly successful program and we look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis. The program has given has given the students the opportunity to express themselves, building self -esteem and the ability to work together in a team. The highlight was seeing the confidence of the kids at end of term performance.”




Bree Mayes

Grimwade Club Co-ordinator - Melbourne Grammar School

“Drama Time is a wonderful program, attracting students who are both shy and confident.The teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated and have a genuine desire to bring out the best in every student. Our classes have doubled in size in a short period of time. The results we are seeing in each student’s self esteem is something Drama Time should be commended for.”



Elise Byrne

Assistant Principal – Auburn Primary School

“At Auburn Primary School, we have recently incorporated Drama Time into our extra-curricular activities. There were an extraordinary number of interested students, to the extent that we have three lunchtime sessions running. All aspects of introducing this program into our school have been handled in a very professional manner.”